Suomalainen Finn-Bois on innovatiivinen sopimusvalmistaja, joka on joustava ja valmiina täyttämään asiakaskohtaiset vaatimukset. Jatkamme Rantasalmella perinteikästä, jo1946 alkanutta hirsirakentamisperinnettä.

Finn-Bois in Finland is an innovative contract manufacturer that is flexible and ready to meet customer-specific requirements. In Rantasalmi, we will continue the traditional log construction tradition that started in 1946.



Finn-Bois is a Finnish technology company that manufactures and supplies high-quality and innovative log houses, villas, and saunas for both the domestic and export markets. At the core of the company’s operations are individual log homes that take into account the customer’s wishes and requirements, aiming for a high-quality final product and a satisfied customer experience. Finn-Bois is committed to offering individual quality log home solutions through continuous product development and long-term expertise development.


Finn-Bois commits to responsibility in all its operations. The company develops its operations with a focus on sustainability, covering both environmental and social responsibility.


Finn-Bois takes care of the environment by utilizing eco-friendly energy, making use of production side streams, and minimizing the environmental impacts of its production process. A log house is an environmentally friendly choice, as timber effectively binds carbon dioxide. In Finland, an average of 518 kilograms of carbon dioxide is stored in one cubic meter of log construction, making log buildings significant carbon storage. For example, a 150 m² log house binds about 30,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide, which practically compensates for the usage of a family’s gasoline car for about 15 years.


Finn-Bois takes care of its employees and bears responsibility for their well-being. The company strives to create long-lasting and sustainable customer relationships with end customers, suppliers, and partners alike. Finn-Bois supports the local community and aims to promote well-being by providing safe and healthy living solutions.


Finn-Bois takes care of its societal obligations and aims to operate sustainably and profitably, ensuring the company’s long-term success and growth. The company continuously invests in product development and innovations to offer its customers the best possible living and leisure solutions. Finn-Bois’ activities also support the local economy by employing people and using domestic timber.


Finn-Bois is committed to developing its operations responsibly and sustainably. The company continuously strives to improve its responsible operations, support its community, and ensure its financial success. In the future, Finn-Bois will continue to invest in sustainable development, innovations, and customer satisfaction to further promote sustainable wood construction in Finland and internationally.

Finn-Bois helped us a lot in making the first plans to locate our house and modify the floor architecture.

Finn-Bois helped us a lot in making the first plans to locate our house and modify the floor architecture. Later we got help to find a skilled construction team to build up our house. Factory representative supervised the construction process and reported to us when we were not in the site.

There were no defects in the delivery and the quality was very excellent.

Finn-Bois provided us a 100 m2 two-storey leisure apartment of our own design. We choose Finn-Bois's offer between the three competitive offers. There were no defects in the delivery and the quality was very excellent. Their help and experience in making the choices was important. We are really pleased that windows and doors were also organized by the Finn-Bois. When the window / door supplier had operational difficulties (but the products were excellent), Finn-Bois gave us valuable help in handling things.

Deliveries were on time with excellent quality.

I have build two Finn-Bois wooden saunas, one cottage and an extension to an old summer cottage. Deliveries were on time with excellent quality. Finn-Bois made our wishes came true in designing our cottages and saunas.

Magnificent and flexible service!

A tailored log house and with the delivery to meet our needs. Magnificent and flexible service.