Customer-specific modifications are easy to make

The manufacturing process of Finn-Bois is able to react rapidly to capacity changes. House-specific and customised structural modifications can also be made very flexibly. Our manufacturing lead-times are short and our logistic solutions enable the logs to be packed in accordance with the customer’s wishes. This makes erection arrangements much easier, for example at a small construction site.

Know-how and the manufacturing process give competitive edge

The technologically sophisticated log houses made by Finn-Bois are created from carefully selected pinewood by means of fully-automated manufacturing technology that makes use of most of the home design software programs available. The manufacturing process is extremely cost- effective and flexible. It enables customised structural solutions and rapid changes in the range of products. Finn-Bois follows strict quality control criteria throughout the manufacturing process – from the raw materials to the erection of the building. Every member of our staff is totally committed to high-quality work.

 How high-quality customised log houses are produced

The slow-growing pinewood of the north is the basis for our high-tech wooden houses. The fully-automated manufacturing process of Finn-Bois utilises laminated timber that is carefully processed using Hundegger K2i technology in accordance with the design drawings to produce dimensionally-accurate logs. Special log joints and advanced preparations facilitate and speed up work at the construction site. The dimensions of the logs can be anything up to 350 mm (thickness) x 450 mm (height). Various design programs, such as Archi-CAD, Vertex etc., can be used in the manufacturing process.


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